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love can be dangerous …

I belong to a writers group called The Coven. So named because when we get together we cackle a lot. Last year we thought we’d publish an anthology of our work. All of us are published (including me as my alter ego Keziah Hill) so we thought we’d do something a bit different.

Little did we know how much we’d bitten off! It wasn’t writing the stories as much as the organisation of the publication that was quite a daunting task.

We formed ourselves into a co-operative (which took forever but luckily Shannon Curtis was a terrier with a bone and wouldn’t give up) and call ourselves TWC Press. At the moment we’re only publishing our own work.

Our first anthology is call Moonlit Encounters and is available from Kindle and Smashwords. Soon it will be available from other digital outlets like Barnes and Nobel, Kobo and iTunes.

It makes a great Christmas gift for you or your loved ones and is currently on sale for 99c until the twelfth day of Christmas, 6 January 2013.

Here is what you’ll get.

A diverse collection of short romantic fiction from eight different authors, from different genres, for all readers.

A Victorian woman must choose between family loyalty and a chance at love…

With a little help from a sexy neighbour, a nurse must find strength in vulnerability…

A medieval warrior struggles with his duty when a healer captivates him…

Convincing a cynical workaholic to take time to smell the roses is more challenging than this talented empath could imagine…

A curious voyeur discovers getting involved can be dangerous…

Her family’s happiness is at risk unless this widow puts her trust in a stranger…

An independent ranger learns that wolves come in all guises, and secrets can be deadly…

Jilted in a foreign country, a woman struggles with trust and a second chance at happiness…

Contemporary romance, romantic suspense, paranormal romance, steampunk romance, historical romance and romantic comedy all make this an anthology for everyone!

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