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Many moons ago when I first started writing, I used to blog a lot. Then I had a disaster with upgrading my website and managed to lose all my posts. Since then I haven’t done much. I used to love it. I’d post about trips I’d made, books I’d read, what I was writing …

But then I fell into the trap of many writers. I forgot to fill the well. In my rush to get books completed, I stopped doing any other writing that took me away from my latest work in progress. I also stopped doing other nurturing things like going to the movies or skiving off to Sydney to the art gallery. I even cut down on gardening.

A sad mistake. Writing became a chore rather than something that gave me intense satisfaction. Not surprisingly, my doubts and worries about my writing, which were always much larger than they should be, got a lot worse. I became paralysed with self-doubt. Mind you self-doubt is a life long curse for me, but it somehow it deepened.

One of the writing methods that helped me challenge this self-doubt (along with having a great crit group – take a bow Kandy Shepherd, Cathleen Ross and Elizabeth Lhuede) was keeping a Bullet Journal which one of my writing mates Mel Scott put me onto. (Mel writes contemporary and fantasy romance so if you haven’t read her books you really should).

I like this journal method because it integrates several parts of my life. I work on only one note book at a time instead of having a notebook for my work in progress, a notebook for my internal life and a diary for work related appointments and tasks.

I started it in June 2015 using an A5 note book I’d been given for Christmas. By the end of the year I’d almost completely used it up so started a new one for the New Year.

I like it because it makes me look at my life most days. I have to make a decision about tasks that I haven’t completed (eg my tax!!) but I also have something that I can write in about anything without having to worry that it’s in the wrong note book.

One opening of my notebook could contain a plan for the week including a shopping list and a task list that includes cleaning out the gutters (still haven’t done it) while another opening could be free form writing on my plot or some aspect of the writing life.

Mel also put me onto washi tape, so as the mood takes me I tart up my notebook with coloured bits and pieces. I’m am not arty at all but I still get a lot of satisfaction out of playing with pretty things.
If you’re interested in the Bullet Journal method there is a ton of stuff on Pinterest. Beware though. It’s a never ending rabbit hole. You could get lost for months.

IMG_1690What do you do when you’re a bit stale and need to get your sense of enthusiasm for your creative endeavours going? I do a bit of baking and of course gardening, although you’d never know from the jungle out there.IMG_1694


p.s. One thing that completely blasted me out of my writing blues was becoming a finalist in the Australian Romance Readers 2015 Awards! Both Deception books and a members choice nomination for the Strongest Heroine! Thanks ARRA!

5 thoughts on “Bullet Journal love

  1. Anne Gracie says:

    I use a bullet journal too and was started on it by Mel as well. But my writing journal is separate. The bullet journal is really just a collection of lists and I like it because I get to cross things off the list and I can look back to weeks ago and see what I did and when. My writing journal is an outpouring of words, no lists at all.
    I’d love to see a pic of yours (with the words burred out of course — because I’m having trouble envisaging something with bullets and words.


  2. DB Tait says:

    I did a Facebook post Anne so you can see what I do. It’s very messy. https://www.facebook.com/dbtait/posts/926508950769032


  3. Mel Scott says:

    I am the bullet journal enabling queen apparently. And washi. Have you discovered planner stickers, Deb? *eg*
    I adore my bullet journal. The flexibility is awesome. You can totally make it your own thing. Occasional I see a dated planner that looks pretty but then I force myself to remember how much dated planners don’t work for me and go and path my journal.
    If you want to see a truly beautiful journal (not really a bullet journal) check out the daily roe on Instagram (or her stuff is on Pinterest as well). And there are two gals who blog at bohoberry.com and tinyrayofsunshine.com who do lots of bullet journal stuff.


  4. DB Tait says:

    Planner stickers? No! Off to investigate.


    1. I have been so over straight romance novels for at least 30 years. So if you want a good straight romance novel then not can do. However, I am currently reading Graceling and the romance is a definite part of the plot, but not is total interwoven with the rest of the story.Good luck, I will be interested in checking back with you and seeing if what you end up reading.


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