DB Tait

love can be dangerous …

I’ve been writing, reading and watching television. The television may have to go or I become more selective about what I watch.

I’m one of those writers who have a lot of projects started but come to a stop at about the 20k mark. This is not very productive and dare I say it, the mark of someone who hasn’t made up her mind about what she’s writing. I’ve toyed with some more erotic romance, think I’ll branch out to some coastal romance and then swing around to paranormal.

In the last week I gave myself a good talking too and have resolved to concentrate on romantic suspense and in particular continue to develop the Dark Mountains series. So you’ll be seeing more of Julia and Dylan, plus a cast of regular secondary characters, some of whom will turn up in a few months time in Festive Deception, a Dark Mountain Christmas novella. I’m busy plotting out the next few books.

What else have I been up too? I blame Anna Campbell for making me a Great British Bake Off addict. This completely passed me by until Ms C introduced me. I’ve been catching up on the back series and even watched the truly execrable Great American Baking Competition. Poor old Paul Hollywood. Talk about a cultural clash.

I’m also watching The Americans which is my favourite drama at the moment and of course the wonderful Rake. I have to catch up with War and Peace and Doctor Thorne.

In the reading department, I’ve just finished Maestra by LS Hilton which seems to completely polarise readers. People loath it with a passion but I loved it. It has a feel of Patricia Highsmith’s Ripley series but with more sex. Not particularly erotic sex, but sex that deepens the characterisation of the main character.

Another mystery/thriller I like was Before the Fall by Noah Hawley. I read it on a plane going to and coming back from Adelaide which was interesting because it’s about a plane crash. Well worth it.

I have lost 10 kilos in weight by changing my relationship with food, but I’m still struggling with exercise.

My neck an shoulders are like concrete, so I’m going to the osteopath regularly. Even more reason to do more exercise.

I’m up for a Sisters in Crime Davitt Award! I don’t have much chance of winning, given the wonderful books on the long list, but it’s nice to be included.

What are you up to? Here in the Blue Mountains, winter has arrived at last and we may even get some snow next weekend. Fingers crossed.


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